Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Searching for Testosterone in Lexington....UNINSURED!

Hey folks!

Been a while since I have posted but this past week has reignited my need to be informative.

Last week I officially began my hormone therapy. Not without jumping through a few hoops, but that's a tale for another blog. What I want to talk about right now is where to go to get the best deal on Testosterone while being uninsured. On top of being uninsured, I'm also totally broke. Beginning hormones is only tightening by budget more, but I was dead-set on finding the cheapest way to obtain my T. Bear in mind, this is for 10ml Testosterone Cypionate and this does not include the syringes and needles which pretty much ran the same anyhow (under $10.00). Also "discount" refers to any program offered to uninsured persons. So, here's what I discovered:

$88.59 - for no discount program - a good deal!

$111.99 - also, no discount offered

$105.00 - no discount

$98.95 - no discount

Rite Aid:
$99.99 - They offer a discount program that doesn't cost anything to sign up for and gives %15 off your purchase and future purchases without ever needing a renewal. They also price-match, but they cannot price-match discounted totals. After some light math, Rite Aid was a close second....

....which brings me to our winner....

$89.99 - They have a discount card that costs $20.00. This card takes off $20.00 for every future purchase. It needs to be renewed once a year, but in the meantime you can walk out with your 'script filled for $69.99.

With syringes and needles included, I spent only $101.00 and will only have to spend around $80.00 from now on.

Price hunting for this kind of thing can be scary and I hope this list helps somebody. If you have any additional info please comment about it. Also it is important to note that there are online pharmacies where you can score even better deals if you're willing to do things through shipping.

Be well Lexington!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cross-Posted: Radical Masculinity

"I have studied butch. I was not born with swagger: I learned it. I earned it."

This is a fabulous article on redefining/ re-situating masculinity in these modern times. In addition to having fantastic quotables, this article was valuable to my genderqueer, often masculine-presenting, last bastion of chivalry self.

Read up. Then talk about it.