Monday, June 28, 2010

More from the AMC

Some of our thoughts about the Allied Media Conference. Sorry about the granyness.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Allied Media Conference

Sorry that this video is so shaky. I need to work on my camera skills.

Fatal Seduction: Book Based in Lexington about the Drag Community

I just heard about this book yesterday, "Fatal Seduction" by Rena Vicini.

Here is a review from Ebay:

The chilling true account of a vicious 1986 murder. Vicini takes readers on a shocking journey from the University of Kentucky to Lexington's sleaziest underground nightclubs as she tells of two women consumed by greed, sex, drugs and depraved violence--and of the innocent young man caught in their deadly web. 12 pages of photos.

The chilling true account of the vicious 1986 murder of Mike Turpin, who was killed by his beautiful, cocaine-addicted wife, her lesbian girlfriend, and a male accomplice--an innocent victim caught in a deadly web of drugs, lust, and greed. Original.

This should be part of the book club. I'm reading this as soon as I can find it.

It is supposedly about the Drag King community in Lexington in the 80's. No wonder the Drag King community is so young and small. They are all afraid that they may become murderers.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Stickers!!!

Hey y'all!

I want to spread the word about how awesome this blog is so I made some promotional stickers!!

I'm going to start putting them around town when I go out. If you'd like some to put up then let me know and I'll make you some. Unfortunately they're not waterproof, so inside spaces only. Some good spots might be bathroom stalls, bar walls (where all of the bands that come through put their stickers), leaving them in coffee shops and news stands so that people can just pick them up, the library (both around the other literature and even inside books!) etc. If you can think of any other spots that would be awesome!

And feel free to help promote by making your own Gendered Lexington stickers! You can buy a sheet of white sticker paper from any art supply store - then you just fancy them up w/ markers or paint and tada!!

De Las

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jackson, De Las Ondas, Mervin Sue Present- "Bless Their Hearts: Media for Queer Organizing in the American South"

If you are a participant of the Allied Media Conference, THIS POST IS FOR YOU (and for anyone that wants to know about us).

First off, I started this blog two years ago to talk about gender issues in Lexington and Kentucky. I feel like there is a conversation in Kentucky around Sexual Orientation issues, which I have participated in, as well as other things but people rarely directly address gender issues in the public sphere. This blog has grown to encompass a southern twist on a lot of isms, but at the same time at the heart of it for me is gender based experience, expression and oppression. I think that it has done really well, especially with the help of some great friends who post when they can. It had become a sorta community project. I love that. I have high hopes for it.

About Mervin Sue:
I have worked on Trans, Queer and Education advocacy for almost 10 years now. I was one of three founders of the OutSource- the LGBTQQIA resource center at the University of Kentucky as well as a bunch of other Queer things that I am sure that I could talk to you about if you would like. Facebook page for the Outsource.

About Jackson: Jackson E. Cofer is a FTM, Queer, Independent Musician, Actor and Event Organizer. After leaving EKU in 2006, Jack settled in Lexington to pursue a music career. Once realizing his trans identity, he became intensely passionate about creating a safe space in his community for himself and folks like him. In less than one year, he has organized several fundraisers through his music contacts, raising hundreds of dollars for non-profits in his community. He has also given lectures in UK classrooms, written several posts for Gendered Lexington, and is currently the Vice Chair for Lexington's 3rd annual Pride Festival. Jackson is vegan. Jackson is unapologetically Queer and extremely approachable.
To keep up with Jack visit him online at

About De Las Ondas:
De Las Ondas is a queer, latina, vegan, musician, artist and community organizer from Columbus OH. She currently resides in Lexington Kentucky where she works as a community organizer. When she's not organizing she's playing in her band Spooky Qs, hanging out w/ her partner and her dog, cooking delicious vegan food, and writing for Gendered Lexington. To keep up w/ her check out her website at

BREAKING NEWS from the Allied Media Conference-Personal post

Hey all. I am currently sitting in the Art Education building at Wayne State University (ART EDUCATION BUILDING- you heard it right). I am attending the Allied Media Conference and presenting later this afternoon at 4pm. Right now I am trying to take a break from the amazingness that is the conference because I am exhausted from working with coffee people and 4-6 year olds all week.

First, check out the Allied Media Conference

Now read about what I am thinking about.

Ageism. I am 27. I look like I am maybe a young adult. Like 19-21 on a good day. I am not particularly sure why because I look like I am me. I wouldn't be frustrated except that it affects my interactions. Lately coworkers, day camp kids and potentially future employers have been making comments. I have heard "I thought you were 19.", and "You should feel blessed because you look young." It wouldn't bother me, except people have been talking down to me and surprised that I am talented, etc. I am tired. I am a hard worker. I am broke. I am trying to find a job that can pay the incredible debt that I now have from the education that I have received. I am not belittling the process or the result of my degrees, but it is hard in this economy to feel helpful when I know many people are being let go and are hopeless. (BTW, 150,000 teaching positions are being cut this year across the country. That is very very wrong) It all leaves me emotionally, physically and soully exhausted. It is good that I went to a session this morning about education because it gave me some hope for the future and for education, something I desperately needed. IT's ok. People are more worse off than I am, but I still feel bad.

Also go check out - Da Town Researchers. They are awesome and doing really great things for education in California.

I'm gonna go nap. Thanks for listening internet and people all over.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Drag in Lexington

I think this article was written to be on our blog-

It's called, "Playing with Power". It's about the Imperial Court of Kentucky, and how they have been raising money for local and national charities for years. This year they have raised over $100,000 for charity.

A new show called "Passing" shows drag as both an art collection and show.

Check it out here.

This event is monumental, both for the Lexington Art League and the Queer community. It is great that something that has been vibrant in the queer community for years is now in a more mainstream venue, and that the art of doing drag has been validated by the Lexington Art League as a viable art form. It takes a lot of work to perform gender.

Believe me, I know.